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206 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Austdel 113, PARIS, 25 October 1948, 6.35 p.m.


India has shown us text of Draft Resolution concerning Administrative Union which they propose to introduce in Fourth Committee shortly. Following is summary.

2. The General Assembly, mindful of the basic objectives of the Trusteeship system, noting that some of the Trusteeship Agreements authorise customs, fiscal or Administrative Unions, recalling the approval of the Assembly after assurances from Administrative Powers, having considered the observations of the Trusteeship Council reference to Administrative Union, endorses the Trusteeship Council's conclusions reference the Administrative Union of New Guinea and Papua and Inter-territorial organisation of East Africa with regard to Tanganyika, is of the opinion that the establishment of the Unions raises questions of fundamental importance reference the political status of the territories and the attainment of the objectives of the Trusteeship system, recommends accordingly that the Trusteeship Council should -
(a) Investigate the questions generally in all their aspects with special reference to such Unions already existing or proposed and in the light of the forms of the Trusteeship Agreements and assurances given by the Administrative Authorities in this connection.

(b) In the light of this investigation recommend such safeguards as the Council may deem necessary to preserve the distinct political status of the trust territories and to enable the Trusteeship Council to effectively exercise supervisory functions over such territories.

(c) Request the Administrative Authorities concerned to suspend any extension of the scheme or where the scheme has not yet been given effect to any further progress with the scheme until the Council has completed its investigation and
(d) Report specifically to the next regular session of the General Assembly on the results of its investigations and the action taken by it and recommends further that before constituting any customs, fiscal or Administrative Union or Federation of a Trust Territory with adjacent territories or extending the period or scope of any existing union or federation the Administrative Authority should consult the Trusteeship Council.

3. As we hope to talk with the Indians Wednesday would appreciate your earliest comments especially on 2c above.

4. For summary of Australian statement of 25th October and review of meeting see immediately following telegrams.

[AA : A518, 103/3/3]
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