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173 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN533, NEW YORK, 25 September 1949, 3.30 p.m.


Korea. Reference telegram 16th September from Washington and our 527 following is text of operative part of United States resolution -
'Resolves that the United Nations Commission on Korea shall continue in being with the following membership - - and, having in mind the objectives set forth in the General Assembly resolutions of November 14, 1947 and December 12th 1948 and also the status of the Government of the Republic of Korea as defined in the latter resolution, shall -
(A) Observe and report any developments which might lead to, or otherwise involve, military conflict in Korea.

(B) Seek to facilitate the removal of barriers to political, economic, social and other friendly intercourse caused by the division of Korea and be prepared to assist [whenever][1] in its judgment a favourable opportunity arises, in bringing about the unification of Korea in accordance with the principles laid down by the General Assembly in the resolution of November 14th 1947.

(C) Have authority, in order to accomplish the aims defined under clauses (A) and (B) of this paragraph, in its discretion to appoint observers, and utilise the services and good offices of one or more persons whether or not representatives on the Commission.

(D) Be available for observation and consultation throughout Korea in the continuing development of representative Government based on the freely-expressed will of the people, including elections of national scope.

(E) Verify the withdrawal of Soviet occupation forces insofar as it is in a position to do so.'
We would appreciate your earliest advice.

[1] Inserted from text of General Assembly Resolution 293 (IV).

[AA : A1838, 250/8/3/4, I]
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