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Historical documents

161 Shaw to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 46, TOKYO, 1 February 1949, 6.30 p.m.


Your 25. KOREA.

[matter omitted]

2. I am concerned at my lack of background on Australia's attitude to the Korean question. We have not been able to secure copies of United Nations Assembly discussions on Korea, see your memorandum No. 25 of [Jan]uary 19th nor have I had a reply to telegram No. 7 of January 6th enquiring whether Australia will recognize the South Korean Government. I should have immediate instructions on this point. In the absence of information I do not understand Australia's action at United Nations Assembly in sponsoring the resolution on Korea which did not seem in line with the findings of our delegate on the temporary commission. My personal inclination would have been to have had strong misgivings about committing ourselves to a Government which may find itself in a few years time in a similar position to that of the present Kuomintang Government in China. We appear to have committed ourselves however by the sponsorship of the resolution and it would be logical for Jamieson as Australian member of the permanent commission to go to Seoul accredited Australian Consulate General or ChargE d'affaires.

3. You are aware that the communications link between Tokyo to this outpost is by telephone which cannot be regarded as secure. Should Jamieson's appointment be a long-term one there is, besides the problem of maintaining his family, that of providing proper communications and clerical assistance. He will certainly require to return to Tokyo within a month from his departure.

[matter omitted]

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, V]
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