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157 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Austdel 303, PARIS, 1 December 1948, 12.10 a.m.



We have been working with the United States in drafting a Resolution on Korea which we might possibly join with them and China in presenting to the Assembly.

2. Following is summary -
Approves conclusions of the Korean Commission's report.

Declares that there has been established a lawful Government having control and jurisdiction over that part of Korea where the Commission was able to observe and consult and in which the great majority of all Koreans reside and that this Government is based on elections which were valid expression of the free will of the electorate of that part of Korea and which were observed by the Temporary Commission.

Recommends that member states in establishing their relations with that Government take into consideration these facts.

Recommends that the Occupying Powers withdraw their Occupying Forces as early as practicable.

Establishes a new commission on Korea for the following purposes -
(a) Lend its Good Offices to bring about unification of Korea.

(b) Facilitate removal of barriers to economic, social and other friendly intercourse caused by the division of Korea.

(c) Be available for observation and consultation regarding the further development of representative government of Korea based on the freely expressed will of the people.

(d) Observe the withdrawal of the Occupying Forces and verify the fact of withdrawal.

3. Americans have made several concessions in their original position of which the most important are -
(a) South Korean Government is not declared to be Government of the whole of Korea.

(b) Resolution does not recommend recognition of Government.

(c) Resolution does not specify approval of report of Interim Commission.

(d) Greater emphasis on Good Offices aspect of Commission and Commission is given a freer hand in trying to secure participation of North Korea.[1]

[1] The resolution was submitted to the First Committee on 6 December 1948.

[AA : A1838, 3123/4/7]
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