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Historical documents

152 Department of External Affairs to Jamieson

Cablegram 271[1] , CANBERRA, 16 July 1948


Your 329[2] and 330.[3]

It is not for Commission to refer to Government elected as government either for whole or part of Korea. Commission's mandate is clear, and it is now required to report factually to the Assembly in terms of that mandate and without prejudice to any decisions to be taken by the Assembly. Your 330 indicates that majority agrees with this view and is against prejudicing issue before Assembly. Clearly Commission cannot support contention that government represents whole when commission itself observed election held only in South.

You should keep in close touch with Canadian representative.

[1] Sent via Tokyo.

[2] Document 151.

[3] Dispatched 27 June 1948. It reported that the majority of the commission were opposed to recognising the elected body as a national government.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, IV]
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