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Historical documents

151 Jackson to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 329, TOKYO, 26 June 1948, 1 p.m.


Korean Commission report to General Assembly is not yet completed. Attitude of delegates to the formation of Korean National Government from the present Korean assembly have altered since commission's return to Seoul. They are now as follows China, Philippines and El Salvador support it without reserve. France instructed to adhere strictly to the general assembly decree and holds herself available to advise when commission informed that national government has been formed. Canada and India are appointed[1] and will ask for instructions from their governments. Syrian has been recalled to Washington on account of Palestinian trouble and may not return.

Syngman Rhee temporary chairman of Korean Assembly favours the earliest formation of national government. His view is likely to prevail, Korean constitution has been approved. It is proposed to elect a President on similar lines to the United States and one house of Parliament. Present indications are that provisional Government will not be formed.

Commission has advised Korean assembly it is preparing for consultations but initiative lies with the Koreans.

Jamieson will arrive Seoul June 30th.[2] He would like direction on attitude of Australia should commission be faced with question of the recognition of the Korean national government. I expect to be leaving for Australia in about 10 days.

[1] Possibly a word in the sense of 'abstaining' was intended.

[2] Jamieson replaced Jackson as Australian alternate representative on UNTCOK following Jackson's recall to Australia.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, III]
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