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Historical documents

150 Department of External Affairs to Jackson

Cablegram 38[1] , CANBERRA, 28 May 1948


The time seems appropriate to introduce a resolution pointing out that since candidates elected by 10th May ballot cannot constitute National Government the Commission cannot, at this stage, carry out paragraphs 3, 4 of the Assembly's second resolution.[2] The Provisional Assembly resulting from elections should be considered a purely consultative body for the purposes of the Assembly's first resolution.

The Commission's future course of action should therefore be along following lines:

(i) Report to General Assembly on the election of Provisional Assembly.

(ii) Initiate consultations with elected representatives regarding attainment of freedom and independence of Korean people. In particular such consultations should endeavour to find means acceptable to both North and South of arranging for the unification of all Korea.

Please report on Commission's reactions to proposals outlined.[3]

[1] Sent via Shanghai.

[2] Paragraph 3 recommended that the national assembly should convene after the election to form a national government. Paragraph 4 recommended that the national government, in consultation with the commission, should establish its own national security forces, take over the functions of government in North and South Korea and arrange for the complete withdrawal of occupying forces.

[3] Jackson replied that most members of the commission were in favour of the proposals outlined but were not agreed on the procedure. He would introduce a resolution along the lines suggested. A few days later, however, he reported that the Commission were against any form of resolution at present and he did not propose it.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, III]
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