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Historical documents

144 Department of External Affairs to Jackson

Cablegram 131[1] , CANBERRA, 3 April 1948, 12.55 p.m.

1. We do not think Commission should, in any event withdraw.

2. First attempt should be to postpone elections until the conditions referred to in our 92[2] paragraph 2 are fulfilled.

3. If authorities will not agree with postponement, commission should observe the circumstances of elections and report to the Assembly.

4. It should, at the outset, make it clear that the elections would be held against its advice and its continued presence in Korea is to give the Assembly a full report of the circumstances, i.e. factual confirmation of the Commission's opinion advising against conduct of elections under conditions then existing.

5. Inform your colleagues that in this matter members of the Commission should be free to report separately and jointly to the Assembly, or, as a minimum requirement, that a majority report should be accompanied by a minority report if there is no agreement.

6. The United States authorities in Korea should be informed of the Commission's decisions in this respect.

[1] Sent via Tokyo.

[2] Document 142.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/4, III]
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