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Historical documents

133 Department of External Affairs to Spender

Minute (extract), CANBERRA, 30 December 1949

4. The Notes from the Chinese Embassy[1] argue that recognition of the Communist Regime would prejudice the implementation by the Interim Committee of the Assembly's assignment. This argument was rejected at the 4th Session of the Assembly, by many representatives (including Australia) who pointed out that recognition was not a matter with which the Assembly should concern itself, since the responsibility for recognising must rest with individual member States. This view was most strongly expressed by the United Kingdom representative, Sir Terence Shone.

5. This is the background of the non-committal reply of 23rd December to the Chinese Embassy's Note of 23rd December (both annexed) and of the draft reply to the Chinese Embassy's Note of 29th December which is submitted herewith for your approval.[2]

[1] Two notes had been received dated 23 and 29 December 1949.

[2] Spender approved the draft reply which acknowledged receipt of the note.

[AA : A1838, 3107/40/52/1, I]
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