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120 Department of External Affairs to Atyeo

Cablegram 34[1] , CANBERRA, [17] September 1949


Your 52.

Any recommendations drafted by U.N.S.C.O.B. should not be in form of resolution to be adopted by Assembly but should be Committee's own resolution addressed to Assembly and drawing attention to more important points in report.

2. Such resolutions should be in general terms. In view of failure of U.N.S.C.O.B.'s efforts at conciliation it should emphasise need for Assembly to complete work initiated by Dr. Evatt at Paris and Lake Success and achieve an overall settlement of the dispute either during the course of forthcoming Assembly or during 1950.

3. Resolution should avoid charges such as those in section 3 and 4 of draft which are primarily matters for Assembly itself to determine in light of facts established by Committee.

4. In addition Section 7 dealing with children is outside Committee's terms of reference and should therefore not be included.

5. However, if you are unsuccessful in this approach you should agree to recommendations in your 52 stating that while accepting report the Australian Delegation reserves liberty of action to submit additional or substituted resolution in light of full discussion at General Assembly itself. Ends.[2]

[1] Date ascertained from outward cablegram register. Text as repeated to Australian delegation to United Nations at New York, for information, in cablegram 441, dispatched 20 September 1949.

[2] The delegation to the United Nations at New York replied in cablegram UN528, dispatched 24 September 1949. The delegation suggested that Australia table proposals to implement the recommendations in the report 'that an effort be made during this session of the Assembly to reach a pacific settlement of differences between Greece and northern neighbours'.

[AA : A1838, 852/20/1, VIII]
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