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Historical documents

119 Atyeo to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 52, ATHENS, 14 September 1949


Committee started drafting recommendations yesterday. The following text approximates what will probably be adopted on 17th September. I am strongly resisting paragraphs (3) and (4) as only repeating conclusions and not likely to bring any positive results. Paragraph eleven still depends on approval by Greek Government.

2. Text begins - (1) Assembly note fact ascertained by Special Committee that on 17th September northern borders Greece had been reoccupied by Greek National Army; (2) consequently attention of three northern neighbours be solemnly drawn to this fact and to their obligation in conformity international law, etc. etc.; (3) Assembly again determine aid to guerrillas by northern neighbours endangers peace of Balkans and is inconsistent with purposes and principles of Charter; (4) in view of conclusion of committee that Albania is principal source of material assistance to guerrillas, Assembly find that Albania is principally responsible for threat to political independence and territorial integrity of Greece; (5) Assembly renew call upon A. and B. to cease forthwith aid to guerrillas and co-operate with Greece and United Nations in peaceful settlement etc. etc.; (6) Assembly note with concern increased support extended guerrillas by certain states not bordering Greece, in particular Roumania, in contravention of Assembly Resolution 27th November, and call upon these states to cease forthwith support; (7) concerning children, that Assembly - (a) deplore complete failure of countries which have received children, for whom they are accountable, to comply with unanimous Assembly Resolution 27th November, for return to Greece under certain conditions; (b) again call upon states concerned immediately to comply with that Resolution; (c) condemn in strongest terms return to Greece, in violation of humanitarian principles, children of adolescent age sent back as fighters in guerrilla ranks; (8) Assembly approve report of Committee 2nd August, and renew those provisions of Resolutions of 21st October and 27th November which it considers should be retained; (9) Assembly provide appropriate United Nations machinery with adequate powers of conciliation and observation to further settlement between Greece and northern neighbours and restore peaceful conditions along northern frontiers and keep United Nations constantly informed situation; (10) Assembly call A.B. and Y. to co-operate with appropriate international body for observation of conditions in which guerrillas who are stated by these Governments to have entered their respective territories have been disarmed and interned; (11) Assembly call all states, whether members of United Nations or not, in particular A.B. and Y., which have admitted guerrillas into their territories, co-operate in return to Greece under United Nations auspices and with suitable guarantees respecting their persons, and on conditions acceptable to Greek Government, of all such individuals, whether combatants or otherwise, who desire return; (12) effort be made during Fourth Session to reach pacific settlement existing differences between Greece on the one hand, and A.B. and Y. on other. Text ends.

3. Your urgent comments will be appreciated.

[AA : A6530, 49/10/8]
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