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Historical documents

118 Atyeo to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 46, ATHENS, 1 August 1949


In most respects Report as adopted last night is now orthodox in form. We told Committee we could not subscribe to Chapter III (Aid to Guerrillas) unless all statements therein were explicitly related to supporting evidence. We also insisted on differentiation of evidence between direct observation, witness testimony and official statements. One by one beginning with France the Committee came around to our viewpoint. Ultimately United States Delegate seeing majority supporting us conceded most of our proposed amendments. In Chapter III introductory generalisations have been reduced to one paragraph foreshadowing evidence without drawing conclusions. Summaries of evidence have been similarly purged of conclusions. We also successfully insisted on fuller documentation throughout body of Report.

2. Conclusions cite (1) Committee's endeavours to promote normal diplomatic and good neighbourly relations; (2) disregard by A.B. and Y[1] of recommendations in Assembly resolutions of 21st October 1947 and 27th November 1948, co-operation by Greece with Committee but refusal of A.B. and Y to recognise Committee; (3) continued aid by A. and B. to guerrillas with A. as principal source; (4) direct incitement of A. and B. through press and radio, visits to camps and aid committees; (5) material assistance by A. and B. through providing large quantities of war material, extensive use of territory, system for return after hospitalisation and assisted recruitment of Greeks; (6) continued Yugoslav aid to guerrillas during early part of period covered by this Report but that 'this aid is diminishing and may have ceased'; (7) non-compliance with Assembly resolution by governments which received Greek children; (8) return of Greek children of adolescent age to fight with guerrillas; (9) increase in support of guerrillas by certain States (specifying Roumania) for example by hospitalisation, interstate transfer of children and location of guerrilla broadcasting station in Roumania; (10) repeats old conclusion in last report regarding threat to political independence etc.

3. After bitter fight we succeeded in deleting conclusion finding A. B. and Y guilty of conduct inconsistent with Charter.

[1] That is, Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia.

[AA : A6530, 49/10/8]
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