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Historical documents

116 Atyeo to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 42, ATHENS, 23 July 1949, 2.15 p.m.


The Committee has considerably modified the first draft of the report which now approximates to that of last year. We have succeeded in toning down the excesses. The first three chapters will probably be classical in their approach i.e. a factual summary stating how the Committee went about its task, the results of such conciliation efforts as it made and the evidence obtained on aid to the guerrillas.

2. The conclusions will be approximately those of last year with the emphasis put first on Albania then on Bulgaria and much less on Yugoslavia as aid from Yugoslavia appears to have dried up. Reservation on part three for the same reasons as last year will not be possible because of our new terms of reference. The conclusions have not yet been finally drafted but will cable them as soon as available. In the meantime we urgently ask your opinion and directions by return telegram as we are working night and day on the draft and may have to sign within days.

3. We feel that subsequent political developments will present the Assembly with a greatly modified situation. All signs point to an early resumption of Yugoslavia's normal relations with Greece. There is also talk of dissension within Albania and even in Bulgaria.

4. The Committee feels that our[1] efforts in modifying the report will be the same as last year i.e. to whittle down and then reserve our position and they regard us with great suspicion.

5. We have not telegraphed details of the modification to the draft because they are in a state of flux.

[1] That is, Australia.

[AA : A1838, 852/10/6/1, I]
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