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Historical documents

110 Department of External Affairs to Atyeo

Cablegram 7[1] , CANBERRA, 7 January 1949


1. Your functions in Greece should centre solely round the activities of UNSCOB[2] and should in no way be concerned with work of conciliation committee which it is expected will continue its work in New York when Assembly reconvenes.

2. In connection with UNSCOB Minister has already instructed (appropriate) authorities to issue a suitable statement on this committee. You should endeavour ensure that agreement of committee continues in terms of resolutions adopted at 2nd and 3rd sessions of Assembly.

3. You should continually endeavour to restrain reactionary policy of Greek Government. It is clear that Greek Government's ultimate chances of survival will depend on liberalisation of its domestic policy.

4. Please avoid any statements without advice from here. Ends.

[1] Sent via Paris.

[2] Atyeo replaced Hodgson as Australian representative on UNSCOB in December 1948.

[AA : A4387, A/48/19E]
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