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Historical documents

109 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Austdel 372, PARIS, 1.50 p.m.[1]


Balkan Talks.

See AUSTDEL 369.

1. Draft document which would have been signed by 4 Conciliators in addition to 4 Balkan Plenipotentiaries recited Australian resolution which originated the talks and set out text of the appropriate agreements.

2. Main point common to each agreement was creation of frontier commission composed of one representative of each Government with access to frontier zones on each side of border. Duration of, for one year and further, unless notice of termination given by either party one month before end of first year. Commissions were to be bodies of mediation for prevention of incidents and settlement of disputes and for general furtherance of friendly relations. Each government was to agree, in addition, to patrol frontier to prevent incidents or breaches of international law.

3. Following were other features of proposed agreements.

(i) As no state of war exists exchange of diplomatic representatives soonest; outstanding questions to be discussed through diplomatic channels.

(ii) Discussions with view to drawing up frontier convention.

(i) Agreement to abide by peace treaty.

(ii) Exchange of diplomatic representatives soonest and pending questions to be discussed through diplomatic channels.

(iii) 1931 frontier convention to be binding in principle and advisability of revision to be reconsidered.

(i) 1928 agreement re frontier traffic to be considered in force but to be reviewed.

[1] Date of dispatch not shown.

[AA : A1838, 852/10/6/1, I]
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