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Historical documents

107 Glasheen to Burton

Cablegram Austdel 312, PARIS, 2 December 1948, 5.30 p.m.


1. See separate cable for report on discussion of Greek question in plenary sessions.

2. Had presumed Minister was keeping you informed of progress of conciliation talks. There is nothing further of a definite nature to report subsequent to our 223. The eight points remain generally the basis of discussion except that point 8 body of mediation has been merged with point 4 frontier commissions. Attention is now primarily concentrated on securing agreement to three frontier commissions which will observe and assist compliance both with frontier conventions and with undertakings to patrol effectively the frontiers to prevent any breach of international law. Each of these commissions to consist of one Representative of each of the two Governments concerned. Proposals to attach to these commissions neutral chairman and United Nations guards or observers have not proved acceptable.

3. Present objective is three bilateral declarations embodying the above and such of the other eight points as are appropriate in each case. Should be able to report something more definite within a day or two.

4. Whatever the outcome of the talks it is now clear that the only United Nations conciliation machinery in the Balkans next year will be UNSCOB. It is also fairly clear the UNSCOB's conciliation work will be even more restricted than last year and that its main work will be rubber stamping reports from an expanded observer corps.

[AA : A1838, 852/10/6/1, I]
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