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86 Beasley to Evatt

Cablegram LONDON, 22 October 1948

Following are comments on discussion at Prime Ministers' meeting
this morning on changes suggested by you. [1]

Paragraph 3. Amendment substituting 'fully effective' for 'more
effective' in relation to work of the United Nations accepted.

Discussion on paragraph 6 relating to Western Union [2] was long
and we encountered considerable opposition. However, finally your
suggestions accepted almost in entirety partly because of support
given to your views by Foreign Secretary. [3],
Paragraph 7 relating to consultation remained difficult. All Prime
Ministers insisted that nothing should be included which indicated
the nature of the recommendations to be submitted to the
Governments. [4] Canada and South Africa particularly insistent.

Case was argued strongly and I insisted on fundamental importance
of this paragraph as representing major achievement at the
Conference. Discussion became acrimonious and finally South Africa
and Canada declared that if it was proposed to include any
reference in the communique which could be read as indicating the
nature of the recommendations submitted to Governments, they would
insist upon returning to the consultation document [5] itself as
they were unwilling to accept it in its present form unless it was
clearly understood that no public reference would be made to the
content of the recommendations until after they had had the
opportunity to consult their Governments in relation to them. At
this point further insistence seemed likely to endanger what you
had already achieved. I decided, therefore, to accept a United
Kingdom suggestion which would precede the existing paragraph by a
statement that the Conference was impressed by the value of the
discussions which had taken place at the Ministerial level. After
consultation with Bailey [6] and Coombs I was satisfied that
further insistence might have meant no reference to consultation
at all and the termination of the Conference on an acrimonious
note which I am sure neither you nor the Prime Minister would have

Full text follows. [7]

1 That is, changes to the Final Communique of the meeting
(Document 87).

2 That is, the Treaty of Brussels (1948).

3 Evatt had argued that development of Western Union should not
indicate any departure from principles of the United Nations.

4 See Document 90 for the Recommendations
5 Document 90.

6 K.H. Bailey, Solicitor-General.

7 Document 87

[AA: M448,137]
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