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Historical documents

68 Evatt to Chifley

Cablegram Special El NEW DELHI, 28 February 1949, 8.55 p.m.


Nehru has spoken to me about Attlee's suggestion for proposed
Commonwealth talks in London for finding satisfactory basis for
continuing the association of India with the British Commonwealth.

Attlee also mentioned to Nehru the idea of sending out emissaries
in advance as on previous occasions. I hope you will request
Attlee that such emissaries and legal officers like Jowitt should
see me in London well before any mission otherwise there might be
a repetition of the Irish impasse where but for the intervention
of Australia and New Zealand in London, Ireland would probably
have been formally declared a foreign country. [1] That
undesirable result was fortunately avoided. Similarly, in the case
of India, too, I believe active assistance and drafting very
earliest stage is essential so that important objective of
continuing India in the British Commonwealth can be achieved.

Nehru is very anxious for practical suggestions from me and is
giving me documentation to look over. If we can give him a hand
and at the same time maintain the association of the British
Commonwealth it will be a great stride towards peace in Asia. If
the conference is to be held in London I hope that you will not be
agreeable to any date that may conflict either with Assembly or
Bank case. [2]

[matter omitted]

1 See Document 79
2 The 'bank case' refers to litigation over the Chifley
Government's attempt to legislate for the nationalization of

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