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Historical documents

41 Chifley to Dedman

Cablegram F2 CANBERRA, 16 July 1949, 8.35 p.m.


Your F6 and F7. [1] The United Kingdom resolution impresses me as
being a gesture to reassure United States that British
Commonwealth is pursuing same broad objectives as themselves and
as such may serve a useful purpose.

I take it that object of amendments you propose will be to call
attention to ways in which both international measures such as
promotion of East-West trade and development of backward areas and
domestic measures to sustain employment and incomes can contribute
to these ends.

You will of course have well in mind that Australia may have to
engage in direct negotiations with banking agencies of United
States government for financial aid and that these negotiations
might be influenced by attitudes on broad international policy as
evidenced in resolution of this conference.

On Cripps's opinion as to borrowing prospects (para 9 of your F6)
we await further details which you will no doubt obtain in
discussion with McFarlane and United Kingdom Ministers and

From first survey of dollar budget for 1949-50 it appears that
maximum savings to be made could not possibly exceed 10 millions.

We assume that you will convey this to United Kingdom authorities
and we will be interested to hear their reactions.

1 Documents 39 and 40 Respectively.

[AA: A4311, 29/4]
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