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Historical documents

40 Dedman to Chifley

Cablegram F7 LONDON, 15 July 1949, 11.59 p.m.


Received 16 July 1949

The following has been submitted by the United Kingdom as the
first draft of an agreed conclusion on the long-term objective. We
propose to suggest substantial amendments:

1. That the Commonwealth Finance Ministers welcome the general
basis of the statement issued at the conclusion of the discussions
between representatives of the United States of America, Canada
and the United Kingdom and the intention to continue such

2. That the ultimate objective of all countries of the
Commonwealth is th[e] restoration of multilateral trade and
convertibility of currencies on the basis of high levels of

3. That all countries of the Commonwealth should examine again
their current policies in order to ensure that so far as
practicable they conform to this approach to the long-term

4. That further joint study should be given to the ways and means
of moving towards the long-term objective, and that consideration
should be given to the most appropriate methods of Commonwealth
consultation on this matter.

[AA: A9879, 3350/902]
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