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Historical documents

353 Evatt to Embassy in Washington

Cablegram 511 CANBERRA, 14 September 1949


Your 837 (FEC 121).

Japanese participation in technical conferences.

We do not consider that Sub-Committee's [1] draft policy decision
[2] meets the position. We are prepared to recognise that there
are certain international technical conventions to which Japan
might properly subscribe even before peace is signed and which
might call for the exercise of some measure of additional
responsibility by the Japanese themselves, in particular those
conventions such as health conventions to which Japanese adherence
is in the interests of all other countries. But as stated in our
telegram 280 of 13th May the decision should in each case be made
by F.E.C., and not by S.C.A.P. at his discretion. [3]

1 A sub-committee established on 24 June 1949 to discuss Japan's
participation in technical conventions and agreements.

2 Draft proposal C4-339/14 was an amended version of the US
proposal set out in Document 350 with the addition of two further
paragraphs. In full it read:

'The FEC decides as . matter of policy that SCAP, subject to his
discretion and continued control, should permit Japan to
participate with other nations or groups of nations in such
international agreements, conventions and conferences of a
technical character as Japan may be invited to enter into, accede
to, attend or participate in, and as SCAP shall consider to be in
the interests of the occupation.

SCAP should inform the FEC of each case of accession to technical
agreements or participation in technical conferences by the
Japanese Government which he may authorise.

The Supreme Commander should direct the Japanese Government to
fulfil any international obligations which it may assume in
accordance with the provisions of this policy.'
3 Evatt's views were put to the sub-committee at its meeting on 14
September 1949.

[AA:A1838, 535/2, i]
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