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Historical documents

337 Department of External Affairs to Embassy in Washington

Cablegram 786 CANBERRA, 3 September 1948


Our 757.

1. Question of labour relations in Japanese public service was
discussed at special meeting of Allied Council on 28th [August],
when Shaw outlined our position and offered help to SCAP HQ in
view of experience of British Commonwealth countries in this
sphere. We have also asked Shaw to make personal approach to SCAP,
in coordination with Head of U.K.L.M. and convey our concern and
constructive ideas.

2. We have been considering the substantial procedural
difficulties referred to in your 940 and our inclination is not to
raise matter in F.E.C. at least until we know result of
representations at present being made in Tokyo where our views may
have some influence at the implementing level.

3. What are views of your British Commonwealth colleagues on
subject of taking up question in F.E.C.? [2]

1 The meeting was instigated by Kislenko.

2 None had specific instructions but it was felt that all
possibilities of action at Tokyo should be exhausted before
raising the matter in the Far Eastern Commission. It should be
presented then, not as a criticism of MacArthur, but as a need for
the Commission to formulate 'a clarifying or supplementary policy'
in respect of policy decision FEC 045/5.

[AA:A1838/278, 478/2/5, i]
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