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331 Shaw to Evatt

Cablegram 232 TOKYO, 28 April 1948


Reference 156. [1]

I propose to make the following brief statement to the Allied
Council this morning:-

'In bringing before the Allied Council the question of the
recently passed Maritime Safety Authorities Bill, I have no wish
to embark on a detailed examination of the purposes of the Act or
its provisions. I understand that this legislation is being
discussed by the Far Eastern Commission which is a more
appropriate place to consider in detail the technical aspects of
the subject matter involved.

All I wish to do is to draw the attention of the Council to the
importance of this Bill which authorizes the re-establishment of a
coast guard force under the control of the Japanese. Unfortunately
the first public statements relative to the Bill were contained in
Japanese press reports repeated by foreign correspondents which
gave to the world an exaggerated account of the Japanese forces
contemplated under the Bill. The first accurate information which
I obtained was the Japanese text of the Bill as presented to the
Diet. A perusal of the Bill indicates that the more sensational
details contained in the press reports were inaccurate.

The fact remains that the principles involved in the legislation
were important enough to have warranted prior advice at least
either to members of the Council or FEC.'

I am sending copy of my statement only in advance to the American
chairman of the Council to whom I had emphasised that I do not
wish a prolonged discussion. The Chinese and Soviet members of the
Council have however both indicated that they wish to speak on
this subject.

1 Document 330.

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