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Historical documents

330 Evatt to Shaw

Cablegram 156 TOKYO, 28 April 1948


Your 227 and 225. [1]

While the attitude taken by you is fully appreciated it is
regretted that telegrams to you on this subject were not
authorised by me and were sent without my approval. I should be
glad if for the present the matter could not be pursued. I realize
that this may cause some embarrassment to you but it might be
possible to avoid this by a carefully guarded statement.

1 Cablegram 225, dispatched 23 April 1948, reported that Shaw had
arranged to discuss the coastguard matter at a special meeting of
the Allied Council on 28 April and had asked Sebald whether
promulgation of the ordinance could be suspended. Cablegram 227,
dispatched 24 April 1948, reported that General Headquarters SCAP
had stated vessels would be unarmed and had stressed the security
nature of the force. In the light of this, Sebald had suggested
that Shaw might wish to ask the Australian Government to
reconsider raising it in ACJ. Shaw, in reply, had asserted the
right of members to be consulted and to express their views.

[AA:A1838/278, 481/9]
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