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Historical documents

329 Australian Government to Mission in Tokyo

Cablegram 152 CANBERRA, 22 April 1948


Your Dept. 204 and 205 [1] and memorandum 196. [2]

We are instructing our FEC representative to make firm protest at
next meeting of FEC on 22nd April along the following lines:-

(a) Bill, which appears to conflict with FEC basic policy and
disarmament policy, has been presented to Japanese Diet with
cognizance of SCAR
(b) We consider this a matter of substance which should have been
referred to the Allied Council for Japan under paragraph 5 of its
terms [of] reference.

(c) Articles 4, 19, 20 and 35 of the Bill appear to require
revision in order to bring them in line with FEC policies.

Although SCAP has authority under paragraph 8 of FEC 017/20 to use
former disarmed Japanese naval craft we consider that this is a
question on which he could well have consulted the Allied Council
for Japan as it is direct implementation of an FEC policy
decision. [3]

2. Please raise this formally with the Chairman of the Allied
Council and endeavour:-

(a) to delay publication of ordinance (Article 34) pending
discussion in FEC, and
(b) to have matter discussed at next meeting of Allied Council.

1 Dispatched 9 and in April 1948 respectively, they supplied
information requested by the Department about a Bill, recently
introduced into Japanese Diet, to create a Marine Peace
Preservation Board, purpose of which was to operate coastguard

2 Dated 14 April 1948 it conveyed a copy of the draft Marine Peace
Preservation Board Law.

3 Maki. made a statement at FEC meeting on 22 April 1948.

[AA:A1838/278, 481/9]
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