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Historical documents

312 Evatt to Embassy in Washington

Cablegram 328 CANBERRA, 6 April 1948, 5.45 a.m.


We now have full text of General MacArthur's message to United
States War Department of 18th January which was published in
Washington and Tokyo on 31st March. [1] We are not clear whether
initiative in making it public came from House of Representatives,
Appropriations Committee in Washington or from SCAP himself. In
either event we consider that publication by United States
authorities without consultation with other Governments sharing
responsibility for control and occupation of Japan is discourteous
and altogether disturbing. The action of releasing it clearly
forms part of a calculated campaign to work up public feeling in
United States in favour of action to rebuild Japan.

You should enter a strong protest at next meting of Far Eastern
Commission against action of United States authorities in making
public virtual threat to by-pass and ignore F.E.C. on matters
which it is actively considering. As you know, we have always
considered that there is no necessity for Japanese to go abroad
for cultural and educational purposes, and we are even more
strongly opposed to proposal that Japanese businessmen be
permitted to travel abroad.

The United Kingdom Government are also concerned at United States
action and you should seek support of United Kingdom
representative [2]

1 The message recommended the lifting of restrictions on trade and
the restoration of right of Japanese to travel abroad,
2 Makin made a statement of protest at meeting on 15 April 1948
and was supported by New Zealand. The UK member had been
instructed to raise the matter with the State Department only. See
cablegrams 459 and 451 from Washington, dispatched 15 and 14 April
1948 respectively.

[AA:A3300/7, 745c]
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