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282 Attlee to Chifley

Message [1] LONDON, 30 May 1949

My colleagues and I are deeply anxious and concerned over the
situation which threatens to develop shortly at Hong Kong.

You will already have received through our High Commissioner a
statement of the considerations which led us earlier to order the
reinforcement of Hong Kong to the strength necessary to deal with
local and guerilla attacks and to preserve internal security. We
have now been advised that Hong Kong can be defended against any
major attack which the Chinese Communists could deliver and have
decided that the additional reinforcements which will be needed to
meet this threat should be provided in spite of the strain which
this will impose on United Kingdom resources. We have instructed
our High Commissioner to seek an early interview with you at which
he will give you our latest assessment of the military position
and will fully explain the factors which have been present to our
minds in reaching this conclusion. I hope that we shall be able to
count on your support for our policy.

1 Received through UK High Commission.

[AA:A6768/2, EATS 70]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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