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Historical documents

251 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 155 NANKING (VIA SINGAPORE), 30 April 1949 [1]

Communist troops are quiet and well behaved and we have not been
interfered with though there is still complete uncertainty as to
the rules applicable regarding moving about and different rules
are applied to different missions. [2]

2. Though I regret decision to remove Penhalluriack [3] from
Shanghai at present juncture as I feel it will still further
damage our prestige, I have instructed him to leave first
opportunity that will not deprive private person of a chance of
evacuating. I feel sure you will agree that an official at present
time should not prevent a private person leaving. I have
instructed Loveday to act as Consul-General and authorised him to
grant visas, etc.

1 Dispatched via the UK Embassy to Singapore and then to Canberra.

2 When the Communists took over Nanking, Officer and the American
and French Ambassadors were confined to their home for eight days.

3 F.J.R. Penhalluriack, Acting Consul-General, Shanghai, was
recalled by the Department of Immigration. H.M. Loveday replaced
him on 16 May 1949

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