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Historical documents

244 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 71 NANKING, 14 February 1949, 5.15 p.m.


My telegram No.64 [1] and my immediately preceding telegram 70.

[2] Acting President to express is being very reticent about any
action by [United Nations]. [3] He is fearful of any more which
might prejudice his efforts to open negotiations on which he will
make a broadcast speech to-night. He wishes probably to know
([possibly] from the Yen Mission) the attitude of the Communists.

2. Sun Fo on the contrary has come out with fill support of your
proposal (which is in line with his earlier attempt to secure the
good offices of the big four). I fear his main object is to try
and put the Communists in the wrong and that the only result may
be to embarrass the Acting President.

1 Dispatched 21 February 1949, it reported that immediate contact
with the Acting President was possible but contact with the
Communists would be slow and indirect.

2 Dispatched 14 February 1949, it reported the return of the
Nanking unofficial peace delegation who gave the impression that
the Communists intended to suggest opening negotiations within a

3 Words in square brackets, inserted from copy on file AA:

A4145/1, RM5.

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