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Historical documents

212 Massey to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 338 SINGAPORE, 15 June 1949, 8.25 p.m.


Your telegram 319. [1]

This suggestion was first made public in a Press Conference given
in March by Rees-William, Under-Secretary for the Colonies, who
gave it as his own conception of what the long-term United Kingdom
policy should be. It roused very little enthusiasm amongst local
Asian leaders, and the Administration realised this.

2. Nothing is known here of any further developments. The
Commissioner-General's Office has no confirmation to offer, but
MacDonald's Principal Assistant adds unofficially that this is
scarcely remarkable as they have had absolutely no information
whatever from London regarding Commissioner-General's activities

3. Some political gesture just now is very likely as MacDonald has
spoken of the need for it frequently in recent weeks. It seems to
us very doubtful, all the same, whether it would be of this major

4. MacDonald arrives here on Saturday?

1 Document 211.

2 MacDonald told Massey subsequently that there was no likelihood
of such a dominion being formed for some time. See Massey's
memorandum to Burton dated 30 June 1948.

[AA: A1838/2, 382/8/1]
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