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208 Evatt to Chifley

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 17 December 1948, 10.32 p.m.


1. Yesterday I had a talk with Attlee, Bevin and Noel-Baker.

[matter omitted]

3. I took occasion to raise the whole question of the Pacific and
South East Asia because for some considerable time, along with the
Marshall policy the trend has been to concentrate almost solely on
Europe. I told them our position in the Pacific and South East
Asia compelled us to take up every opportunity of friendly
relations with the Philippines, Siam and even Burma as well as
India, Pakistan and Ceylon.

[matter omitted]

4. Finally we agreed on the desirability of regional conferences
covering South East Asia and they agreed generally that the best
way to handle Communist infiltration was by encouraging
progressive and democratic teams wherever possible and of course
of improving the wretchedly low standards of existence. Nothing
finally was agreed on as to conference but my idea is very much on
the lines I have frequently referred to in past statements.

[matter omitted]

[AA: A6537, SEATS 1]
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