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Historical documents

200 Heydon to Burton

Cablegram 2539 LONDON, 29 July 1948, 6.22 p.m.

With reference to Massey's telegram No. 438 [1] Minister has
discussed the matter with Attlee and if any request is to be made
to Australia it would come from the United Kingdom Government.

This is clear principle and procedure. However, if Massey starts
visiting affected areas it may cause embarrassment and Minister
thinks he should not be encouraged. [2]

2. Minister has been very active since arrival on Monday and left
for Geneva this morning (Thursday). He has seen the Prime
Minister, Bevin, Cripps, Noel Baker and other Ministers and has
been in close touch with Geneva during the week.

1 Dispatched as July 1948 Massey reported shortages of troops,
arms and communications equipment and proposed visiting the
affected areas.

2 paternal Affairs instructed Massey not to undertake the visit
without specific authority from the Department.

[AA:A3195, 1948, 1.12266]
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