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Historical documents

189 Department of External Affairs to Knox [1]

Cablegram 19 CANBERRA, 11 March 1948, 4.50 p.m.

Your B.36.

You should not give any formal acknowledgement of the note at this
stage. The Government in power came to power by force and, though
there have been certain acts since to assert popular support, this
is not sufficient evidence on which we should base any decision of
recognition. The only test is whether Siam fulfils conditions of
membership of the United Nations and there is no mention of this
in Foreign Minister's note. While you should not make any formal
communication to Siam Government, you are free to explain our
attitude to other foreign representatives and seek their
concurrence, meanwhile requesting them not to acknowledge note.

1 Eastman had departed for London on 17 February 1948 for
discussions with the British Commonwealth Siamese Claims Committee
leaving J.F. Knox in charge (but without consular status).

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