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Historical documents

185 Burton to Evatt

Cablegram E84 CANBERRA, 21 October 1948, 2.35 p.m.


South Pacific Commission meeting commences Sydney on Monday. The
organisation is now on the rails, but it has achieved nothing in
terms of its objectives as yet. To break the ice, member
governments should invite Commission to undertake some particular
projects, and I am asking Ward [1] and Halligan to agree to this
course. It would be most helpful if United Kingdom and New Zealand
similarly could send messages to this present meeting asking
Commission's advice on specific matter such as maternal and child
welfare or agricultural development or nutrition or malaria
control. Unless one or two governments take initiative, Commission
will never be able to break through and get going.

Could you please take this matter up with a view to getting the
necessary instructions to United Kingdom and New Zealand
delegations by Monday or Tuesday in Sydney.

1 E.J.Ward, Minister for External Territories.

[AA:A9420, 7]
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