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Historical documents

156 Press Statement by Department of External Affairs

16 May 1948


The Minister for External Affairs (Dr. Evatt) said today that, as
a consequence of the decisions of the Government made known some
time ago to offer scholarships and relief supplies to countries in
the South East Asia area, he was arranging for Mr. W. Macmahon
Ball, accompanied by an educational and supply officer and an
officer of the Department of External Affairs, to visit the
countries concerned to arrange for the selection of scholars to
come to Australia and, in some cases to arrange for the sending of
relief supplies.

Australia is carrying out the recommendations of the United
Nations and its agencies. In the case of the scholarships, the
scheme was being set in motion as part of the world-wide programme
of UNESCO designed to bring about greater understanding between
nations. On relief matters the United Nations has decided that
countries should make their contributions direct by agreement with
the recipient countries where the need is greatest.

Dr. Evatt emphasised that he attached great importance to these
positive steps to promote international understanding, and hoped
that Mr. Ball's visit would strengthen the ties of friendship
between Australians and the peoples of South East Asia.

[AA:A1838/278, 381/1/3/1l
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