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Historical documents

150 Makin to Evatt

Cable 627 WASHINGTON, 18 July 1949, 7.11 p.m.

Received 19 July 1949

Romulo made a special visit to the Embassy to convey the personal
invitation of the Philippines President to the Australian
Government to send a delegation to Manila on a date mutually
agreed upon and subjects for the agenda likewise agreeable.

Subjects to be an Economics, Cultural and Political matters, no
matters dealing with Defence will be associated with these talks.

Australia is the first country to be asked for a view as to
whether they would agree to such consultations. It is proposed by
the Philippines President to ask New Zealand, India, Pakistan,
Ceylon, Burma and Indonesia. General Romulo sends his personal
compliments to you. Romulo stated that it would be appreciated by
the President of the Philippines if an early intimation of the
pleasure of the Australian Government could be made.

[AA:A1838/278, 383/1/2/8, i]
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