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Historical documents

123 Moodie to Burton

Note CANBERRA, 24 November 1948

The attached papers [1] were discussed at J.I.C. meeting today.

[2] You'll see that there are many things quite out of line with

Apart from a few amendments the C'ttee all agreed to the paper.

I have made it clear that I'm not in a position to endorse it.

See paras 7-15 & 18-23. [3]
The amended report will be sent up in a day or two. Miss Wilson
can show you if you want. [4]

1 Joint Intelligence Committee report 66/1948 which was the draft
version of Document 122.

2 Moodie was External Affairs representative on the Joint
Intelligence Committee.

3 paragraphs 18-23 in the draft correspond to paragraphs 37-43 in
Document 122.

4 Burton annotated the note: 'We have given our apprec[iation]
[Document 121]: you should not take pan in discussion on absurd
document such as this.'

[AA:A1068/7, DL47/5/1A]
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