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119 Burton to Shedden

Memorandum CANBERRA, 19 September 1949


Since the cessation of hostilities in Kashmir Australia, as you
are aware, has extended certain measures of defence co-operation
to India and Pakistan. Hitherto it has been our intention that the
Government of each of these countries should be informed of any
defence assistance accorded to the other. It has now been decided,
however, that the time has come when this practice, which was
adopted for the transitional period immediately following the
transfer of power in India, may be discontinued. In future,
therefore, action taken on any request for defence cooperation
received from India or Pakistan will not be notified automatically
to the other Government.

Notwithstanding this decision, it is of course considered
important that every effort should be made to ensure that, as far
as possible, identical treatment is given to Pakistan and India in
relation to matters of defence co-operation. [1]

1 In a note to Coleman on the same day, Moodie pointed out that
the memorandum 'does not purport to alter the arms ban'.

[AA:A1838/283, TS169/20/3]
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