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Historical documents

63 Ball to Evatt

Cablegram 13, TOKYO, [12 August 1946]


(1) On 7th August S.C.A.P. authorized the resumption of Antarctic
whaling by Japanese under the following conditions.

(a) Fleets limited to two factory ships, 12 whalers, 7 carriers.

(b) This authorization does not establish any precedent.

(c) No vessel must approach within 12 Miles of land.

(d) Vessels must leave and return to Japan between 1st November,
1946, and 30th April, 1947.

(e) Japanese must observe International Whaling Convention.

(2) S.C.A.P. announces that oil produced will be distributed to
needy countries by International Emergency Food Council. There is
an acute world shortage of whale oil.

(3) This authorization was made without consulting Allied Council.

It is quite distinct from action taken on 12th June with approval
of Chinese and British members of the Council to authorize a
temporary extension of fishing grounds in waters near Japan.

[4] Since Derevyanko likely to raise this issue at the next
meeting please instruct me earliest.

[AA:A1838/238, 482/1/7]
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