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41 Ball to Evatt

Cablegram [Secret and] Personal for the Minister 4 TOKYO, 29 July


This week I have received several reports of Moscow Press
reactions to the Allied Council. In these reports repeated attacks
are made on Atcheson as a reactionary. I am always described as
the 'British Representative' and my statements are generally
quoted with approval as providing a British reputation' of
Atcheson argument.

I fear that the Soviet's method of reporting Allied Council
proceedings may be causing some embarrassment to the United

The essential feature of the situation as I understand it is that
Atcheson is eager to seize any and every opportunity to declaim
against the Russians. I have felt that I should make some attempt
to react to each situation on its own merits and not to seek to
exploit any sceptical comment or question by Derevyanko as an
opportunity to attack Communism. I have supported Atcheson against
Derevyanko on each substantial issue before the Council and only
showed sympathy with the Russian views on certain procedural
issues and on those occasions when Atcheson has used, the Russian
comment as a peg for a naive' individualist' attack on Communism.

If you desire me to echo American hostility towards Communism on
every occasion when this issue is raised please instruct.

My own views are such an echo might be premature since I am
extremely sceptical about the success of current S.C.A.P. policy
to 'democratise' Japan.

To identify ourselves 'closely' with the present American
statements may embarrass us later.

1 'Reputation' presumably should read 'refutation'.

[AA:A1838/238, 482/1/71
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