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Historical documents

321 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN1009 NEW YORK, 13 December 1946, 12.58 p.m.


Assembly 412. Disarmament. Our telegram Assembly 401. [1]

1. The following amendments were adopted by Sub-Committee.

1. Paragraph 1. Add at beginning-'In pursuance of Article 11 of
the Charter and'.

For last sentence substitute-'The plans formulated by the Security
Council shall be submitted by the Secretary-General to the Members
of the United Nations for consideration by special session of the
General Assembly. The treaties or conventions approved by the
General Assembly shall be submitted to signatory states for
ratification in accordance with Article 26 of the Charter.'
2. Paragraph 2. Add at end of paragraph-'and the control of Atomic
energy to the extent necessary to ensure its use only for peaceful
3. Paragraph 3. For 'who bear the main responsibility for peace'
read which bears the primary responsibility for the maintenance of
international peace'.

4. Add new paragraph after 4. 'Nothing herein contained shall
alter or limit the resolution of the General Assembly passed on
24th January, 1946, creating the Atomic Energy Commission.' [2]

2. With these and a few other purely drafting changes resolution
was approved unanimously by Sub Committee of 20. [3]

1 Document 313.

2 See Volume IX, Document 47, and note 3 thereto.

3 The amended draft resolution was adopted 'by acclamation' in
plenary session of the General Assembly on 14 December (Resolution
41(I)). The question of information on armed forces to be supplied
by U.N. members was also discussed at the same meeting, and it was
resolved (Resolution 42(I) that the Security Council determine,
'as soon as possible, the information which the States Members of
the United Nations should be called upon to furnish', in order to
give effect to Resolution 41(I) on disarmament.

[AA:A1838/2, 852/10/4]
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