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298 Makin to Evatt

Cablegram UN961 NEW YORK, 9 December 1946, 12.57 a.m.


I am greatly concerned at the extreme anxieties manifest in your
telegram UNY.467 [1], and particularly your apparent thought that
our Delegation has not exerted itself to the utmost in giving
effect to your instructions. Every Member of our team has given
you loyalty and constant service with marked ability. I am greatly
disturbed at your criticism which I can but emphasise in the
strongest possible terms is totally unjustified. Such criticisms
are a source of terrific discouragement to men whose abilities and
constant endeavours deserve something much different. You will by
this time have seen our Assembly UN.376 [2] which I feel confident
you will regard as an effective answer to the doubts expressed in
your telegram.

1 Document 288.

2 Document 295.

[AA:A1067, UN46/GEN/2]
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