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Historical documents

284 Makin to Evatt

Cablegram UN937 NEW YORK, 7 December 1946


Assembly No. 360.

For Dr. Evatt from Makin.

Trusteeship. States directly concerned.

1. Reference Assembly 354. [1] I saw Bevin this morning with
regard to the conversations between Dulles and Novikov on States
directly concerned. Ivor Thomas was with Bevin and Bailey with me.

2. Thomas had learned privately that Byrnes was disposed to agree
to addition along following general line to statement (para 11 of
Assembly 350 [2]) for inclusion in Rapporteur's report for
Assembly: Begins.

With regard to the procedure to be adopted hereafter in respect of
territories under the categories (a) mandated territories, and (b)
territories which may be detached from enemy States, the States
submitting the agreement should, prior to submission to the
General Assembly, consult with any of the States mentioned by name
in Article 23 of the Charter which assert an interest in the
territory and with any other State which has a substantial
distinctive interest in the territory. Nothing that is herein
contained shall be taken as implying that this consultation
implies any condition precedent (Veto) to the conclusion of such
an agreement. Ends.

3. Bevin reacted strongly to Thomas against any suggestion that he
should be committed without full consideration to any such
formula. He had had enough he said of these informal
understandings. It was a matter that United Kingdom Cabinet must
decide. I emphasised that purpose of my call (as stated in a
letter handed to Bevin) was precisely to urge that United Kingdom
should not accept any commitment at all until Australian
Government had had opportunity of making its views known.

4. We pointed out that every line in the suggested United States
formula could apply in the Pacific not only to Soviet but also to
China. Thomas remarked that so far as concerned Africa it applied
equally to India.

5. United Kingdom Ministers here are preparing Cabinet submission
to be sent to London during week-end and Dominions Office is to be
asked to maintain contact with you.

6. We learned privately that Novikov was expected to reply last
night to United States suggestion along lines of paragraph 2 but
up to late hour had not done so.

7. We will advise you immediately of any later developments here.

1 Also numbered UN930. See Document 286, note 1.

2 See Document 286, note 1. Paragraph 11 reported Dulles's
contention that membership of the Big Five did not necessarily
impart the status of 'States directly concerned', and his
suggestion that the Soviet Govt might agree to a statement to the
effect that 'question not decided but without prejudice to right
to claim in future with regard to alteration of these agreements'.

Cablegram UN954 of 8 December conveyed an amended U.S. text based
on that contained in paragraph 2 above.

[AA:A4311, BOX 481]
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