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Historical documents

264 Department of External Affairs to Makin and Bailey

Cablegram [UNY]434 CANBERRA, 1 December 1946


Your UN845. [1]

Text referred to [2] not received even yet. Proposals in paragraph
13 regarding land laws, education and religious freedom were only
contemplated as a last resort, and on condition that draft would
be approved without any other changes. We would definitely prefer
no change whatsoever. No other amendment except addition of a
clause covering only educational advancement, land laws and
religious freedom should be considered and in particular proposals
in paragraphs 10 and 14 of your UN845 Assembly 287, are entirely
unacceptable. In no circumstances can Government be bound by
clauses unless there is prior approval. It is not possible to
over-emphasise our definite preference for no change and necessity
for specific approval of Government to any addition recommended as
a last resort in obtaining approval.

1 Document 263.

2 i.e. the draft article referred to in paragraph 15 of Document

[AA:A4311, BOX 481]
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