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208 Strahan to Garnett

Letter CANBERRA, 11 November 1946

With reference to your letter of 3rd September, 1946 [1], I desire
to inform you that in view of the circumstances set forth in the
statements accompanying your communication, the Commonwealth
Government appreciates the claims of the Assyrian Community to
sympathetic consideration and the moral obligation to the United
Kingdom Government to secure a satisfactory settlement for these
people if practicable.

There are, however, considerable difficulties in the way of
agreeing to a settlement of these people being formed in
Australia. At a recent Conference of State Premiers on the subject
of migration to Australia, the question of the desirability or
otherwise of allowing group settlements of certain classes of
Europeans was fully discussed, but all the States were unanimously
opposed to the principle of large scale group settlements of
foreigners irrespective of nationality.

The Commonwealth Government is also opposed to the establishment
of alien units which could not be readily assimilated and in the
circumstances it is regretted that no offer of assistance for the
resettlement in Australia of the Assyrian Christian Community in
Iraq can be made by the Commonwealth.

1 Document 99.

[AA:A1067, M46/10/4]
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