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Historical documents

182 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram [UNY]312 CANBERRA, 29 October 1946


At General Assembly [1] discussions on future relief1. Emphasise
the important role Australia has played in UNRRA in the past.

2. Express the conviction that the time has now come to effect
further relief as far as possible through the adoption of more
positive measures which will assist in restoring self reliance in
war devastated countries. Thus such organisations as F.A.O., the
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, might now
be more appropriately used than UNRRA and should be expected to
play an important part in assisting the devastated countries.

3. At the same time additional and special relief may be required
in 1947 to provide urgent supplies of basic essentials of life in
some countries. Any agency for this purpose should be agency of
Economic and Social Council in accordance with our general policy
on formation of new organisations.

4. You must not, however, commit Australia to further relief
without specific approval.

5. In particular there must be no further commitment of Australian
funds at this stage. For your own information Treasury opinion is
that Government would not agree to more than a token contribution
to further relief.

6. There is no objection to the proposal that the residue of UNRRA
assets should be used to create a fund for children and

1 Matters of major policy on the future work of UNRRA were now
within the scope of the Australian delegation to the U.N. General
Assembly, though Brigden continued to act as Australian
representative in the management of UNRRA.

[AA:A1067, R46/3/7]
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