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Historical documents

152 Ball to Evatt

Cablegram [Following] for the Minister from Macmahon Ball 22,


1. At yesterday's meeting of the Council atmosphere was probably
worse than at any past meeting. Though there was no display of
anger there was a prevailing sense of futility about the

2. Chu took no part in the discussion and I said very little. For
about an hour Atcheson and Derevyanko exchanged hostile

3. Atcheson continued to show his tendency to link me with
Derevyanko. His statement that I criticized the Japanese
Commission for investigating the causes of the war and the food
was inaccurate (see Minutes of the Ninth Meeting page 20-23).

4. His statement that I had 'misrepresented' its purposes was
baseless. Yesterday, however, he made a public relations press
release of section of the verbatim Minutes containing these
allegations before these Minutes had been confirmed and before
other Council members had had an opportunity to correct possible
stenographic errors. These Minutes are 'restricted' but he took
this action without consulting the other Council members. I have
written to him to protest against this action.

5. After my short statement on the discussion between Derevyanko
and Atcheson on the demobilization issue Atcheson said 'well I
still continue to hope that the British Commonwealth member and I
will see eye to eye on some subjects on some occasion'. I could
see no reason for this remark since my comments had expressed
substantial agreement with Atcheson and had not criticized his
stand in any way. I regard his statement as a good illustration of
the irritation and impatience he . . . tends to show at any
statement by other Council members which fails to applaud
unreservedly the action of MacArthur or his deputy on the Council.

[AA:A1838/238, 482/1/3]
Last Updated: 11 September 2013
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