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Historical documents

146 Evatt to Killearn

Cablegram 116 CANBERRA, 1 October 1946


I cannot but regard the position as set out in your message sent
to me through our representative at Singapore [1] as most
unsatisfactory particularly in view of the original message
contained in your letter handed to me at Singapore on my journey
one month ago to Australia. [2] Australia has a primary interest
in a just settlement of this problem which has been far too long

I was made fully aware of the general position some time ago by
Lord Inverchapel and I think the time has come when Australia can
no longer be excluded from participation; otherwise our
difficulties may be further increased.

1 Document 141.

2 See Document 90, note 1.

[AA:A1838/2, 401/3/1/1, ii]
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