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Historical documents

131 Attlee to Chifley

Cablegram D866 LONDON, 21 September 1946, 8.52 p.m.


It is intended to publish shortly before Parliament re-assembles
on the 8th October a white paper on our central organisation for
defence, which will announce certain changes in the existing
organisation, including the appointment of a Minister of Defence.

A summary of the white paper will be telegraphed to you for your
information in the near future, but in the meantime I should be
grateful if you would consider four paragraphs on Commonwealth
collaboration which form part of the section of the white paper
called 'Organisation for Collective Defence'. The text of these
paragraphs is contained in my immediately following telegram. [1]
If you have any comments to make on these paragraphs I should be
glad to have them as soon as possible and at the latest by the end
of the month since arrangements for printing must be made then.

1 Document 132.

[AA:A3317/1, 333/46]
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