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109 Knowles to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram [12] PRETORIA, 8 September 1946, 4.05 p.m.


Your telegram 1 of 26th August, South West Africa.

1. At the forthcoming Assembly the Union Government will press
strongly for the incorporation of South West Africa in the Union
of South Africa and I have been able to sight and will forward by
the first mail one or two copies of the 65 page brief with which
the Delegates will be armed. The Union Government states that
their case fully understood by the Member States of the British
Commonwealth of Nations and that the United Kingdom have promised
unqualified support. Support is also assured from Canada and New
Zealand, and they hope Australia will agree that neither mandate
system nor any form of trusteeship should apply to South West

2. The Union Government's case will be argued on certain well-
defined lines.

(i) For 25 years the territory has been administered as an
integral part of the Union and has been regarded and is as such.

(ii) Its contiguity to the Union is such that geographically and
strategically it is indivisible from the latter.

(iii) Ethnically the natives are akin to those of the Union.

(iv) Economically South West Africa has become and is inseparably
related to the Union.

(v) Financially fiscally there has grown up an inter Regency which
it would be impossible to annul.

(vi) The 30,000 European inhabitants of South West Africa and 80%
of the natives therein numbering 210,000 have opted unhesitatingly
for incorporation.

3. The foregoing is but a skeleton outline of the case which the
Union Government say will be supported by documentary evidence of
an unquestionable character.

4. Fact of your possession of copy of the brief mentioned in
paragraph one herein should not at any time be disclosed.

[AA:A1067, P46/153/4]
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